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Upgrading from GeckoLib 2.0.0

The biggest difference when upgrading to 3.0.0 is that legacy .java are no longer supported. You must use .geo.json bedrock models, which means you'll need to convert your existing models.

Small Changes

  • IAnimatedEntity is now IAnimatable
  • EntityAnimationController is now AnimationController
  • EntityAnimationManager is now AnimationFactory, but it works differently and the constructor takes an IAnimatable, which you usually pass in using this
  • getAnimationManager is now getFactory
  • AnimationTestEvent is now AnimationEvent
  • AnimationPredicate's have a return type of PlayState instead of a boolean
  • You should no longer register your controllers in your animatable's constructor. Instead, do it in registerControllers()
  • You can no longer store a reference to any AnimationController's.
  • Make sure you use one of the available GeoRenderer's, like GeoEntityRenderer or GeoItemRenderer