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The Bedrock Renderer

GeckoLib's rendering code is mostly in IGeoRenderer. Since your renderer class implements that interface, you can override many of the methods to change rendering properties.

Changing Colors

Overriding getRenderColor() lets you change the tint and alpha that your model renders in. Simply return a Color value.

Changing Render Types

Override getRenderType() to change the RenderType that your model uses. You must use one of the entity types, even for blocks and items. This is because GeckoLib does not bake textures into the texture atlas, and instead renders from individual files. The default RenderType is cutout, but you can change it to translucent or solid if you wish.

Custom Rendering

Sometimes you want to render extra things with your model, such as an item or block. You can do this in renderEarly, which is before the actual model has been rendered, or renderLate, which is after.